sécurité des données

Data security at Ealico.

We do everything to ensure preserving, non-revealing and not damaging your data.

What we set-up to secure your data

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Choose CLOUD, choose security

An online software – labelled SaaS for Software as a Service – is used on demand, through a monthly subscription plan per user. It is different from a “traditional” software which is installed on every workstation and acquired through licensing. SaaS solutions have peculiar specifics regarding data storage. They are located in one or several datacenters, whereas regular software’s data are within the company. Obviously, the company still has all rights on its data.

Data security is obviously a fundamental issue, so storing data within another company may sound scary.
CLOUD exists since the early 2000s ; technologies have changed a lot since ; companies specialized in data storage have greatly invested on data protection to make these solutions reliable.

Nowadays, users even notice that CLOUD solutions are more secure than a traditional software. Since the data is stored on highly secured remote servers, it is impossible to have information stolen with a simple USB flash drive or to lose all your work after an IT breakdown.

To secure it even more, we have set-up our very own IT security policy at EALICO.

Data hosting in Europe through Microsoft AZURE

EALICO has chosen to use Microsoft AZURE’s CLOUD, one of the highest performers on the market, to guarantee the highest level of data security to its clients. It allows to store all the data on a remote server, protecting them from many failures or mischievous IT attacks.

AZURE offers a full package of CLOUD services that can be used to create, set-up and manage your applications thanks to an international network of datacenters. This Microsoft solution guarantees a very high level of security, privacy and transparency, as well as the upmost respect of privacy.

90% of Fortune 500 corporations trust Microsoft Cloud. (Source : Microsoft)

Microsoft is excellent at enforcing security and privacy procedures. AZURE complies with numerous international and industry specific conformity standards. Audits are made by external institutions such as British Standards Institute, checking that AZURE undergoes the tough security checks that these standards require.

Data is saved daily on several sites

EALICO chose to save all the data and information every day in several data center to always have a back-up, even if the file is wiped from your hard drive. Using many datacenters ensures to keep this data even if one of them has a breakdown.

Https traffic encryption

In an effort to ensure the highest level of security throughout the data management chain, EALICO chose an https traffic encryption solution to prevent anyone from recovering information between browser and server. Without the confidential encryption key, no one can read the information sent by our clients to our servers.

Security checks

In a safety-first approach, EALICO set-up recurring security checks to anticipate any flaw in its systems. Therefore, we constantly evaluate sensitive systems and enforce an action plan to reduce the impact of the security issues that might occur.

Data anonymization

EALICO uses data anonymization to ensure users safety and respect client’s fundamental rights. This technique makes it impossible to link any data to the corresponding clients, as all data is encrypted. This allows EALICO to build trust and a better cooperation with clients.