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A collaborative tool.

Use a collaborative tool and work on a common basis to reach a common goal: the compliance of your facilities.

For all the players of risk management.

Visage d'un responsable multi-site
Group Multi-site manager

Have a vision of your site’s compliance rate at a glance. Details accessed by regulation. Focus on preparing on-site interventions. Let your intervention be handled by our group of experts. We will be pleased to perform interventions for you and bring our expertise.

Visage d'une responsable de site
Site manager

Find out the compliance rate for your entire site at a glance. Easily access to the details by site and by regulation. Focus on the decision making and resources allocated to each site to avoid the risk of production stoppages.

Visage d'inspecteur industriel
Inspector (internal or external)

All documents and information about your equipment are centralized and available in one place. Do not run to the archive room anymore, all the information and tools you need can be found here.

With benefits above your expectations.

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Improve government agencies trust

Export all the information required for a compliance check and keep peace of mind under any circumstances.


Lower insurance costs

Adjust bills to factory reality.

Access rights management.

Options de collaboration

Experts ?

Grant access to your agents only for the regulations and facilities that they work on. Everyone is in charge of his own perimeter.


Review history of all actions

No more errors or data loss. Any doubts? Scroll back through previous changes.